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Mechanical Engineering
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To be a leading and benchmark department through value-based technical education and constantly pursuing excellence.



1.  To deliver competent and creative Mechanical Engineering graduates of International standards.

2. To ensure that students are equipped with entrepreneurial skill, soft skills and ethical values required for engineering professional and society.

3. To develop faculty through continuous improvement and training programmes.

The Diploma Course in Mechanical Engineering lays emphasis on manufacturing in engineering industries. Syllabus covers subjects such as Work Study, Production Management, Process Engineering, Tool Design, Mechanism, Power Engines, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning, Hydraulic Machinery, Machine Design Practice and Entrepreneurship. Students can, work in Engineering Department, Inspection, Quality Control, Maintenance and Production Shops, and Industrial Engineering Department in Engineering Industries involved in manufacture of Industrial Machinery, Machine Tools, Automobiles, Ancillary Industries, Electrical Machinery, etc.

Name of the Staff Designation Qualification
Shri A. K. Chore H. O. D. M.E.
Shri R.R.Ambade Lecturer B.E.
Shri G.J.Badwe Lecturer B.E,M.E.
Shri A.D.Bele Lecturer B.E.,M.Tech
Shri S.B.Wasnik Lecturer B.E.,M.E.
Dr. P.R.Parate Lecturer M.E.,PhD
Shri G. B. Deshpande Lecturer B.E. M.E
Shri A. S. Shukla Lecturer B.Tech, M.E
Shri V. A. Timbadia Lecturer B.E. M.E
Shri P.P.Sawant Lecturer B.E.



Curriculum for batch admitted in 2019-20

Curriculum For Batch Admitted In 2016-17

Curriculum for batch admitted in 2012-13

Curriculum for batch admitted in 2008-09