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Information Technology
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To create a vibrant environment that nurtures logical thinking, dynamism and innovation to transform students into competent IT professionals.


1. To offer high quality, up-to-date knowledge through curriculum, infrastructure and teaching learning process in IT field.

2. To equip students with latest skills in the field of technologies supplemented with Practical Oriented approach to face ever evolving challenges in IT industry.

3. To facilitate faculty members to keep pace with rapid development through training and higher education, mutually      benefitting students and staff.

4. To develop healthy interaction between faculty, students and industry professionals.

5.To instil ethical values combined with winning attitude contributing to the welfare of the society while being committed to Life-long Learning.

The course is three years full-time, Un-aided, Non-Sandwich semester Pattern having Multipoint
entry & Credit System. The emphasis of the course is on Information Technology with computer education at a Technician level covering knowledge of Software : Programming languages, System Analysis and Design, Database, Concepts of Operating Systems, Data structure communication related topics, Internet, Entrepreneurship, Hardware : Electronic Devices, Digital electronics, Robotics, Computer Peripherals at higher semester alongwith basic subjects - Mathematics, Physics, Communication Skills, Generic Skill, basis of Engineering Drawing in first and second semester. The content of syllabus is having weightage of around appex 70% to 30% as software to hardware respectively. After completion of Diploma students will be able to work as :–

  • A Database Administrator
  • Programmer
  • System Network Administrator
  • Web Application - Developer.
  • Customer Support Services
Name of the Staff Designation Qualification
Mrs. N.G.Kadukar Vice Principal & H.O.D. B.E, M.Tech
Shri A.B.Dongaonkar Lecturer B.E, M.E.
Mrs.R.S.Patwardhan Lecturer B.E. M.Tech
Mrs.S.A.Naik Lecturer B.E. M.E.
Shri M.R.Solanki Lecturer B.E. M.E.
Mrs.K. V. Bhat Lecturer B.E. M.E
Mrs.A.V. More Lecturer B.E.
Shri. P.D. Rathod Lecturer B.E.
Ms. N.I. More Lecturer B.E.


Curriculum for batch admitted in 2019-20

Curriculum for Batch Admitted In 2016-17

Curriculum for batch admitted in 2012-13

Curriculum for batch admitted in 2008-09