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Computer Engineering
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Create a sustainable academic environment to produce highly competent computer professionals of the future


M1: To expose students to latest tools and technologies in computing.  

M2:To foster the professional development of students by   providing excellence in education.

M3: To Adapt rapid advancements in computing by engaging students in the lifelong learning.

M4: To inculcate sound ethical,moral and social values amongst students for benefit of the society.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The program educational objectives (PEOs) are to produce Computer professionals.

PEO1: Identify, design and solve computing problems by applying  knowledge in Computer engineering.

PEO2: Promote lifelong learning by integrating academic knowledge and practical applications. 

PEO3: Depict effective team work and practical skills   for holistic development.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

PSO1: Demonstrate the fundamental knowledge in the areas of Operating system, Web Technology, Microprocessor based system and IOT by applying programming skills and developing applications.

PSO2: Administer and manage Open source, Networking, Security and Database domains to enhance student growth. 

The Courses is Three Years Full Time, Un-aided, Non-Sandwich Semester - Pattern having Multipoint
Entry & Credit System. The emphasis of the course is on Computer Education at a Technical Level covering Knowledge of Software : Programming Languages, System Analysis and Design, Database, Concepts of Operating System, Hardware : Maintenance & Servicing of Electronic Circuits, PC Architecture, Basics of Computer Technology, Maintenance & Servicing of Computer, Peripheral Devices and Instruments at higher semesters along with basic Science Subjects - Mathematics, Physics, Communication Skill / English – in first and second semester. The Students learn the fundamentals of Computer Maintenance and Servicing leading to become.

  • A Service Technician
  • Assistant Programmer in Software Industry.
  • Computer Maintenance Technician.
  • A Computer Programmer.
Name of the Staff Designation Qualification Date of Joining Nature of Association (Regular / Contract)
Shri J.S.Kulkarni H.O.D. B.E, M.Tech 11/09/2003 Regular
Mrs. P.S.Arora Lecturer B.E. M.E. 04/07/2005 Regular
Mrs. S.Geetha Lecturer B.E..M.Tech. 02/08/2006 Regular
Shri S.U.Masurkar Lecturer B.E. M.E 03/08/2010 Regular
Shri P.H.Shah Lecturer B.E. 07/07/2010 Regular
Mrs. R.V. Pawar Lecturer B.E. 07/07/2010 Regular
Ms.S.R. Kadam Lecturer B.E. M.E. 06/10/2012 Regular
Mrs. P.P. Bokhariya Lecturer B.E. 24/06/2013 Regular


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