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Industrial Electronics
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We aspire to develop technically skilled manpower in the field of Industrial Electronics.  


1: To design need based curriculum. 

2: To provide advanced laboratory set-up. 

3: To maintain industry-institute liaison. 

4: To train faculty and staff to accept challenges in rapidly changing socio-technical environment. 

5: To imbue students with soft skills, entrepreneurial qualities, ethics and lifelong learning. 

The emphasis in this Course is on Testing, Modification and Development of Circuits useful in Control of Power to Industrial Drives and Control of Signals in Test / Process Instrumentation and Communication. The job prospects are as Technical Assistant, Supervisor, Operator in Quality Control, Production, Development and Maintenance Departments of Industries which are manufacturing and using electronic equipment.

There is a scope for self-employment in manufacturing of electronic equipments and controls or servicing of electronic gadgets including Radio and T.V. receivers.

Name of the Staff Designation Qualification
Mrs. A.A.Kulkarni Head Electronics B.E.,M.E
Shri L.B.Deshpande Lecturer B.E.,M.E
Shri N.G.Farkade Lecturer B.E.,M.E
Shri S.S.Rokade Lecturer B.E.,M.E
Mrs. P. J. Nikhade Lecturer B.E.,M.E
Mr. P.S.Dhuri Lecturer B.E.,M.E
Mr.B.N.Surve Lecturer B.E.


Curriculum for batch admitted in 2019-20

Curriculum For Batch Admitted In 2016-17

Curriculum for batch admitted in 2012-13

Curriculum for batch admitted in 2008-09