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Examination Rules and Regulations- BATCH 2018-21 and  BATCH 2019-22   


Examination Rules and Regulations-BATCH 2020-23 and BATCH 2021-24





Autonomous Examination VI SEM Results SUM 2020(April/May 2020)


            Results     May 2020   [ Click to view ]

Civil                  Chemical                       Computer                Digital               Electrical               
  Industrial Electronics           Information Technology             Mechanical              Plastic


Examination Information Committee
Name    Mobile No
Mr. Sudhir Kelkar,Controller of Examination  9323863104
Mr. R.D Shimpi, HoD, Chemical Engineering    9224280194
Mr.N.D Adate, I/c Head Electrical 9870040455
Mr. A B Dongaonkar, lectuer,IT 8767518118



Autonomous Examination Results Dec 2019
Results (Non_SAP)  
Civil                  Chemical                       Computer     
Digital               Electrical                  Industrial Electronics
Information Technology          Mechanical              Plastic


Autonomous Re-Examination_July_2019
Civil                  Chemical                       Computer     
Digital               Electrical                  Industrial Electronics
Information Technology          Mechanical              Plastic


Autonomous Examination -April-May 2019 ( click to Course)
Results (All Sem )   

Civil                  Chemical                       Computer     

Digital               Electrical                  Industrial Electronics

Information Technology          Mechanical              Plastic



Results Question Papers

Civil                Chemical                Computer 

 Digital            Electrical                Industrial Electronics

Information Technology      Mechanical          Plastic 

Re Exam Question Papers      ( All 1st sem Courses)


Autonomous Examination - November_December 2018 ( click to Course)
                                     Results                             Question Papers 

Civil    Chemical        Computer      Digital                         

 Electrical           Industrial Electronics

Information Technology       Mechanical       Plastic 

Civil   ,  Chemical  , Computer   ,                        

 Electrical     ,   Digital  & Industrial Electronics 

Information Technology   ,    Mechanical   ,     Plastic 



Autonomous Examination April_May 18 ( click to Course)
Results Question Papers

Civil                   Chemical                   Computer 

 Digital               Electrical                   Industrial Electronics

Information Technology       Mechanical                  Plastic 

Civil                 Chemical                   Computer 

Electrical          Digital  and   Industrial Electronics

Information Technology        Mechanical       Plastic