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Civil Engineering
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To impart need based education and training in Civil Engineering.


1. To prepare the students for ever changing requirements through curriculum design and teaching- learning process with       practical oriented approach under academic autonomy.

2. To establish state of art infrastructure and facilities.

3. To strength industry-institute interaction.

4. To ensure students are equipped with entrepreneurial qualities, soft skills and promote lifelong learning.

The Diploma Course in Civil Engineering covers Materials of Construction, Use of Surveying and Levelling Instruments, Civil Engineering Drawing, Methods of Construction as applied to Buildings, Roads,Bridges, Public Health Engineering, Quantity Surveying and Estimation and Entrepreneurship.

The student is also provided with adequate background in Designing of Structures and in Project Management.Civil Engineering Technician can take up supervision of construction of all types of works,such as Surveying, Levelling and Data collection. He / She can also be useful in Materials Management,taking measurements, etc.

He / She can get employment as Overseer / Junior Engineer in Municipal Corporation, Buildings and Constructions Department, Irrigation and Power Department, State Electricity Board, Housing Board, Building Repairs and Reconstruction Board, etc. He / She can get appointment as Supervisor in Private Construction organisations. The student can also find employment in Consulting organisations for Designing work. So also, he / she can work independently as a Contractor.

Name of the Staff Designation Qualification
Shri V.B.Vanvari Head Civil B.E, M.E.
Shri A.K.Singh Lecturer B.E.
Shri K.P.Jayteertha Lecturer B.E.
Shri S.N.Ranshur Lecturer B.E, M.E
Ms. Y. K. Soni Lecturer B.E.,M.Tech.
Mrs. S. P. Patil Lecturer B.E
Ms Neelam Petkar Lecturer B.E, M.E


Curriculum for batch admitted in 2019-20

Curriculum For Batch Admitted In 2016-17

Curriculum for batch admitted in 2012-13