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Fee Structure
Fees : Aided Course
Details Fee
a) Tuition Fees (per year) 6,000.00
b) Other Fees (per year)
i) Gymkhana, identity Card & Library Ticket, Magazine, etc 200.00
ii) Library Fees 100.00
iii) Internet and E-mail facility 150.00
iv) Annual Social Gathering, etc 100.00
v) ISTE chapter membership 50.00
Total 600.00
c) Development Fees (per year) 1000.00
d) Examination Fees (per year) 900.00
e) Deposits ( Once )
i) Library and Laboratory caution money 200.00
ii) S.B.M.P.'s student's Store 10.00
Total 210.00
Grant Total (a+b+c+d+e) Rs.8,710/-On Admission


Fees : Un-Aided Course
As decided by the Shikshan Shulka Samiti