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Diploma (Sandwich Pattern)
Four Year Fulltime Diploma

The full time diploma courses (Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Electronics, Plastic Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Ditial Electronics) are on semester sandwich pattern and of four year's duration and incorporates two periods of 26 weeks each for inplant training. There are two semesters per year. The courses are thus spread over eight semesters. The students receive institutional training for the first four semesters. In the fifth semester they are sent to industry for inplant or field training. They return to the Polytechnic in the sixth &seventh semester for institutional training. In the concluding eighth semester, they again receive inplant or field training. This scheme enables the students to learn under actual work situation during their training and improves their prospects for employment. Final diploma is awarded after satisfactory completion of training and examination at the end of the eighth semester.

Students undergo inplant training of one year duration in two parts. Inplant training is assessed at the end of each training period. This has resulted in better employment opportunities and better industry acceptance of courses. Suitable modifications have been introduced in the curriculum and examination schemes to make course relevant to industry needs. These are reviewed periodically.

Course Year Establishment Sanctioned Intake
Civil Engineering 1963 (30)
Mechanical Engineering 1963 (60)
Electrical Engineering 1963 (40)
Industrial Electronics 1969 (20)
Plastic Engineering 1974 (30)
Chemical Engineering 1976 (30)
Digital Electronics 1981 (30)