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Digital Electronics
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To establish leadership in the field of Digital Electronics and to develop competent human resource.


1.     Designing need based curriculum.

2.     To provide advanced laboratory set-up

3.     To maintain industry-institute liaison.

4.     Train faculty and staff to accept challenges in rapidly changing socio-technical environment.

5.     To ensure that students are equipped with entrepreneurial qualities, soft skills, ethics and lifelong learning.

The syllabus covers subjects like Electronic Measurement, Electronic Calculation, Microprocessor Applications, Analog and Digital Techniques. Various Phases of Development of an Electronic Gadget incorporating related Calculations, Drawings, Fabrication and Testing work are effectively integrated with Industrial Training and Term-work in various semesters through Project Work.

Name of the Staff Designation Qualification
Shri S.S.Kelkar Lecturer B.E.

Curriculum For Batch Admitted In 2016-17

Curriculum for batch admitted in 2012-13

Curriculum for batch admitted in 2008-09